Helping local churches multiply the impact of their men

Many pastors and church leaders feel overwhelmed with the heavy burden of ministry in the church. Meanwhile, the leadership potential of many talented men in the pew goes unnoticed, untapped or undeveloped. 


Men’s Ministry Network helps the local church to activate, mobilize, train and equip their men to fulfill their callings. We put men across the table from one another, not just next to each other in the pew. 


You can lead men to pour themselves into their churches, their families and their communities. The men of your church can become an extended family of disciplemakers in intentional relationships with one another to spread the gospel and live out their faith.





2020 Iron Sharpens Iron Equipping Conference

Do you have one area in your life that needs to be sharpened?

Is there an area in your life that a unique resource like a men's conference will give you the encouragement and tools you need to press forward?

Iron Sharpens Iron conferences are designed specifically for men. An Equipping Seminar takes on areas on "Saturday" that are not covered the same way on "Sunday".


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